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If you will choose to repair your electronics you will save money, time, your personal data and environment. So, it does make sense! Don't get caught in the never ending cycling of spending money on the new shiny model.

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We help people and businesses all around the UK to save money and reduce electronic waste by fixing their everyday game console.

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We Are Professional Pro

We had enough of industry stereotypes and made a decision to approach the recycling industry in systematic, professional manner.

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We Eliminate Barriers

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We build systems, portals and procedures to make our service as easy and as accessible as possible. We automate our workflow to make it more efficient.

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We believe that communication is key. We work hard to keep you updated about the progress of your order via emails and text messages.

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Rest assured knowing that we are confident and professional in our work. If the repair seems not economical, we will even offer to buy your kit for parts, so you can put that cash towards a new purchase.

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The best game console repair reviews in industry

Good service but bit expensive I should have just bought a new pair .

From start to finish this was effortless. Charge port had broken on daughters Nintendo switch. Item was dispatched fixed and turned around in undo 5 days. Great service. Great price, very impressed

Well priced goods and great service, marred in my experience by the wrong item being shipped out and me incurring return postal costs, making the item at least as expensive as other sellers. I’m hoping it’s a one off, would’ve given 5 stars otherwise.

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Game Console Repair - Save Up to 70% On High Street Prices

We've all been there, you just want to get on with your gear and your game console is down... What's then? Get a new one?? Book a game console repair and get your kit sorted with us. Save money and environment.

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GRA little bit About Us

Game Repair is a UK-wide game console repair company specializing in quick and cheap game console repair services. We fix all kinds of game console, from computers to game consoles, audio equipment and more. Our professionally trained and efficient technicians can quickly assess your game console for faults and offer you the lowest possible repair prices.

We established Game Repair to provide the best value and user experience for people looking to fix their game console, and have more than a decade of experience in assessing and repairing faults. 

Our goal is to simplify the whole game console repair process by providing instant repair services prices, free send-in option from any local post office and an easy to follow online tracking system to check quotes and make payments. No job is too big or small, and we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with our electronic repairs.